Friends of Temagami



It’s my most favourite place in the whole world.

This 16,000 square kilometre wilderness area, located in northeastern Ontario, Canada, is a magical land of old-growth pine trees, clear waters, ancient and rugged portage networks, and deep-water-by-the-shore; a boreal transitional forest clinging to the Canadian Shield.

So what?

Only 15% of the Temagami region is protected by conservation reserves and provincial parks today.

Mining, logging, and development threaten the wilderness I love. The network of portage trails, known as nastawgan, have been in continuous use for over 5,000 years by the Teme-Augama Anishnaabe. These trails and the cultural history they represent are being destroyed by road developments for resource extraction. The last remaining 1% of the world’s old-growth red pine trees grow here, and they’re being cut down.

Please join the Friends of Temagami to help us protect, preserve, and promote “The Last Wild Stand.”